I had the pleasure to work with these talented musicians, FEiN, & video director, Francisco "The Tallezt Boi" Covarrubias , on the song #Grownupz.  This was the first music video they filmed for their new released album, Little Homes, which gained traction as a single. I was brought on by the Francisco to handle the styling, a good friend of mine was studying at USC with Francisco &  heard he needed someone to style a music video he was directing. Funny how things work out, I think this was my second styling job ever! 

Finding things that the boys would love & match their own personal style was a fun challenge. When we first met, we went through a series of fun questions to loosen them up & make them feel more comfortable with me. If you want your client to be embrace your styling ideas, even if they're out of their comfort zone, they have to trust you. Along with this, I think another important part to keep in mind when styling someone is making sure you are not changing their own personal style but rather embellishing what they already feel themselves in. If they feel themselves in the clothes you bring them, it will transcend when they are dressed by you! 

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