Job: Graphic Design, Content Creation, Product Photography.

I worked closely with Lenny, owner of Lenny's Casita, to create a design for their different types of menus; Shabbat Menu, personalized catering menus, taco bar menus, table QR codes, & food photography that stays true to the essence that is Lenny's Casita. Encompassing the Mexi-Cali & Jewish tradition& background, it has challenged me to think outside the box to market to different types of consumers more niched.

Established in 2020.
Culinary genius, Chef Lenny (Charcoal, Doma, Alenbi, Mike's Bistro), trend sets what the Kosher community has been missing... Mexican street food! With weekly out of norm curated specials, customizable traditional Mexican plates & already crowd favorite Chef Lenny creations with a twist right at the center of the LA Jewish sector of Pico & Robertson! A fine-casual Kosher experience filled with freshly house-made authentic sauces, featured prime proteins mixed with high-end cooking techniques & ingredients introduced as a brand new concept.

Shabbat Menu

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